Wednesday, 9 October 2013

This is Stan!

This is our beloved dog STAN!

He's your typical Labrador but with a twist!
The last in the litter, it was love at first sight. Although slightly mad and a bit stupid he is the most lovable dog I have ever met. 

He adores children and has put up with all three of ours climbing on him at some stage or another and has never once complained.

His DAD's dog through and through, Stan is beginning to show his age. With stiff joints and whisps of white hair appearing on his face and chin he is growing old like Devon Dad. 

Saying that he quite often runs around like a lunatic when he gets excited showing off the wonderful puppy he once was and the special dog he still is today.

A mans best friend Stan certainly is a great dog and I could not wish for any more...

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