Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Shift Work!

As you will discover my posts will and can come at any time of the day.

I am a shift worker and unfortunately they aren't the same shifts every week. This means that Devon Dad is quite often tired and awake or asleep at times of the day that the rest of the family are not.

Although quite often a pain, I do quite like shift work as it means I get time to myself when the rest of the family are at school or at work.

This means that tasks such as decorating, which could, as we all know be a pain when others want to help!! or not as the case may be, can be done more quickly and efficiently.

What's the problem with shift work?

My main problem with shift work is not the lack of sleep, it's not even the strange hours and times of the day I work!

No, my main problem is how it makes my three children feel!

A few years ago when my eldest was around 4 or 5 he began to notice more, the times of day i was leaving for work.

Then came the horrible question which made me feel quite sad.


I had never even considered it before but when you work a normal day job you're normally at home of an evening to see the children and put them to bed etc!

This very simple question struck a bit of a chord as my job involves working several evening or nights on the trot.

Why am i writing about this topic, well my middle boy has just turned 5 and started school and what question did he come out with this week?


The only difference this time was the particularly sad face which was pulled along with a further depressing comment of I DONT LIKE YOU WORKING!

All i could think of saying was NEITHER DO I, followed by us sharing a smile and then off to work i went.

Shift Work - Great sometimes but also slightly depressing, not looking forward to the youngest one coming out with similar comments in a year or two!

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