Thursday, 18 May 2017

Hendra Holiday Park - Newquay

Usually during the Easter holidays we head off to France but this year we decided to have a bit of a change and stayed a little closer to home at Hendra Holiday Park in Newquay, Cornwall.

Hendra Oasis Pool 

What a fantastic time we all had. Hendra Holiday Park is fantastic and the swimming pool is really good fun. The only thing i would say about this is that you have to pay for entry into the swimming pool.

Hendra Holiday Park

Saying that however the campsite is spotlessly clean, the staff are incredibly helpful and the entertainment is also brilliant.

We really loved our trip to Hendra and would happily return again for another trip. Whilst staying at the campsite we went to Newquay Zoo, Holywell Bay park, the Aeronautical museum and much much more.

Although we still really love camping in France, we would certainly not rule out another trip to Cornwall in the near future.

If you haven't been to Hendra holiday park before we'd recommend you try it.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Goodbye my Friend - Stanley Dog

I haven't been writing for a few weeks as our poor old Stanley Dog had to be put down the week before last.

He'd made it to the grand old age of 12 but for the last few months he had really been struggling.

It was a massively tough decision to make but to be honest i had to make it as it wouldn't have been fair to keep him going any longer.

I have dealt with a lot of death and pain through my job however i have never dealt with anything so painful as having my best friend put down. I stayed with him until the end and although at the end he was asleep, i hope he realised how much i cared for him.

Goodbye my friend!

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Hendra Holiday Park

Although we live in Devon we generally try to leave the southwest each time we go on holiday. We regularly head over to Whitsands Bay on the south coast of Cornwall for short breaks but very rarely take holidays in Devon or Cornwall.

Hendra Oasis Pool 

I think this goes back to the fact that when i was growing up, most weekends during the summer i would head off down to Newquay with my friends. Having spent many a night out on the town back in the early 90's I have forgotten how good the area actually is for families.

A good friend and work colleague of mine was planning to head down to Hendra Holiday Park with his family in April and asked if the five of us would like to join them. I had a long think, as usually during April we try to head off camping in France.

We have however decided that this year we'll have a bit of a change. We've already booked out summer holiday to France and so in April we've decided to join them in sunny Cornwall.

One of the massive plus points for us is that Hendra Holiday Park is probably around an hour or so away from where we live which makes travelling much more pleasant. We've also had a look at the indoor pool at Hendra and although you have to pay for entry, which is completely unheard of in France, the quality of the pool and slides do look rather good.

Hendra Holiday Park

Now the kids are rather spoilt when it comes to holidays as we always try to get away to France when we can. My plan this year is to see how we get on at Hendra and then possibly book another last minute break away to France during the May half term, but that will have to wait until the last minute offers come out.

We are really looking forward to see what Hendra has to offer and the kids are also really excited. I really hope it's as good as it looks as it will make the perfect place to escape to for long weekends when we get the chance throughout the year.

Watch this space and I will upload a variety of photos and video's once we've finished our holiday to Cornwall at Hendra Holiday Park!