Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A Walk at Grenofen

There's nothing we like better than getting out and about with the kids and the dog for a walk. Our black lab Stan, like many others black lab's, loves going for a walk and he especially loves the water.

Walk at Grenofen

Grenofen Walk

One of our favourite places to go for a walk is along the river at Grenofen, which is near to Tavistock.

There's a narrow track which leads from Grenofen along the A386 down to the river Walkham.

At the end of the track there's a fairly large parking area and from here you can walk either up stream or downstream for some distance and there are plenty of small beaches which are perfect for the kids to throw stones into the water and for Stan to get in to do a bit of swimming.

Walkham River at Grenofen

Our middle son can be seen above at one of the beaches just before he throws a stone in!

Walkham River at Grenofen

Friday, 1 August 2014

Dartmoor Photo's

I was driving along and simply had to pull over to take a few photos. These were taken looking over Sourton Village near Okehampton towards Great Links Tor.

Dartmoor Sourton Okehampton

This part of the moor changes quite quickly with the weather. It can be wonderfully sunny one moment and then cloudy the next.

Dartmoor Sourton Okehampton

Dartmoor Sourton Okehampton

Dartmoor Sourton Okehampton

The last photo was taken from a track which leads up to Prewley Water Works from the A386 near to Sourton Cross. There's a small parking area at the entrance to the track which leads up across the moors where you can park and then walk up to the tor. It's quite a pleasant spot and the track also crosses the cycle track on the Granite Way.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Fernworthy Reservoir Chagford

Fernworthy Reservoir Chagford

I am very lucky to both live and work on Dartmoor in Devon.

The Road to Fernworthy ReservoirIt's a wonderful place to work and bring up a family. I have always lived in Devon or Cornwall and Dartmoor has always had a special place in my heart.

Fernworthy reservoir is located very near to Chagford in Devon and is a beautiful place to visit with lots of walks and a forest around the water.

Fernworthy Reservoir

There is a car park at the reservoir where you can park with a picnic area nearby. These photos were taken at about lunchtime one day when i was driving near the area. It was such a lovely day that i thought I would take a drive down to the reservoir and take some photo's.

Fernworthy Reservoir

 As you can see from the photo's it really is a beautiful place to visit on a sunny day so if you find yourself anywhere near to Fernworthy Reservoir, make sure you take a look!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A Walk on Dartmoor

Stan is our dog and every day we take him for a couple of walks on Dartmoor.

You don't have to go very far from our house to get onto open moorland and today my youngest, Stan and myself went out for a walk and had a little fun in the puddles and had a game of hide and seek.

As you can see we had loads of fun. First he managed to find one of the only puddles in the area and then proceeded to step in it, put his hands in it and then yes you guessed it, he jumped up and down in it.

After we'd both got a little wet, we decided to have a game of hide and seek to dry off. He managed to find a really good place to hide. I wonder if you can spot him in the photo below!!