Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Woodburner in April!

Although it's now the end of April and May is just around the corner I was surprised this morning to see a massive change in the weather with pretty much 4 seasons in one day.

It was fairly bright and sunny first thing today but as the morning and afternoon have progressed the weather doesn't really appear to have decided on what to do.

Mid morning the sky went awfully black followed by, would you believe it a massive hail storm and even some snow. Since then I have seen a large amount of gusty wind, some rain, more hail and sleet, dark grey clouds and then sun again.

Aga Little Wenlock

Although it's now turned out to be a sunny afternoon it is still very cold both inside and outside and so i decided to give the woodburner another go before the season ends.

We fitted out woodburners over 5 years ago now. We chose the Aga Little Wenlock multifuel burner so that we could use both wood and coal to keep the house warm

As you can see from the photo, it gets really hot when burning coal and we even bought an ECO Fan, which works well at redistributing heat around the room!

Eco Fan

Holiday Booked - Camping in France 2016

We'll we've booked our family summer holiday 2016 and yes we are off camping in France again.

It didn't take us too long to decide to go camping in France again as we absolutely love it. What did take a while was deciding where we wanted to go in France.

We decided to book for two weeks again as we have done the last couple of times and also decided to do two separate campsites so the kids could get a taste of two different areas. MRS wanted us to go back to one of the campsites we went to last year being Les Alicourts Resort in the Loire so that was our first choice along and after a long deliberation we decided on St Avit Loisirs in the Dordogne with Eurocamp.

Les Alicourts Resort
Les Alicourts Resort
Les Alicourts Resort was on our list as we all loved it last time we went. The campsite is in a lovely location and boasts a great range of on site activities and facilities. There's a good pool complex which has a nice swimming pool, a wave pool and some great slides. There's also a brilliant lake which not only has pedalos for hire but also kayaks and wake boarding which we tried last time round. Add to this the brilliant playground, mini golf, frisbee golf, go karts and everything else and you find yourself with a cracking holiday location.

For the second choice we decided on St Avit Loisirs. It was somewhere that we'd thought about previously but decided that it would be a great place to visit. The main draw of the campsite for us was the fantastic swimming pool complex with it's slides, water jet park and brilliant pools.

st avit loisirs
St Avit Loisirs

We are really looking forward to our trip to France and will be sure to fill you in on all the details once we've been!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Evening Dartmoor Walk

Evening Dartmoor Walk

Every evening one of us gets out of the house with Stan the dog for a while for his evening walk. Yesterday was my chance to get out of the mad house and take him for a run on Dartmoor near to our house.

As i've said previously we are extremely lucky to live where we do and i think that these several photos probably prove my point!

The first was taken with a view over to Brentor. Brentor is quite well recognised due to the fact that there is a lovely church located on the top of the tor.


The second photo is of some of the local Dartmoor sheep. There are plenty of these little chaps all over Dartmoor and it's quite a pleasant sound and sight.

Dartmoor Sheep I don't think i really need to say much about the last photo which i though was just a cracking view and showed off why i feel so lucky to live on Dartmoor and in Devon.

Dartmoor View

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Stanley Dog

Stanley Dog

We went for a short walk earlier today up onto the moors and we took the kids bikes with us. Our two younger children haven't really been that interested in learning to ride but we'd love them to so we can all go out.

Well today we took the bikes up and unfortunately as yet it sill hasn't clicked.

Shame really , but i forgot to take my phone with me so i was unable to take any photos. This evening however i took Stanley Dog up for a short walk and managed to get a couple of photos. The first was a picture of the evening sky complete with MOON!

The second photo is of the wonderful STANLEY DOG! Unfortunately this year Staney Dog was 11 years old and he's starting to look a little grey, like his owner!

Dartmoor moon

Stanley Dog