Monday, 4 November 2013


Today we did something we haven't done since our camping holiday in France and that is to go swimming.

Now all three children have swimming lessons every week to make sure they can swim and have fund doing so but due to my wonderful (NOT) shifts there never seems to be enough time for us to go swimming as a family.

Our youngest could not come with us as he was at nursery but the other two had a BAKER DAY. For those not old enough to remember BAKER DAY's it's a day that teachers go to school but children don't.

We all ventured off down to the pool fairly early and what a great time we had. The eldest swims like a fish and just enjoyed being thrown into the pool by myself. The best one was where i managed to get my hands just under his legs and launched him high into the air. On landing in the pool he must have gone at least a foot or two under the water and came up with a massive smile on his face.

Our middle son had just as much fun. He's only recently started to learn to swim and yet he loves jumping from the side of the pool either into my arms or just straight into the water. He has however learnt to shut his eyes and mouth just prior to hitting the water although after entering the pool he always emerges spluttering and shaking his head in a manner that reminds me of our dog Stan.

We all had such a great time it makes me feel a little sad that we can't do it more often. My only complaint would be the quality of cleanliness of our local pool. I don't know how often they are meant to clean the floors but i would suggest the probably don't follow the guidelines going on the state of the floor this morning!!

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