Sunday, 1 November 2015

Burrator Reservoir

Burrator Reservoir

What started as a cold and cloudy November day ended in beautiful sunshine and an ice cream at Burrator Reservoir.

Burrator Reservoir

The day started and it was quite dreary but as many other people who live on Dartmoor will tell you, it can quickly change. Within a few hours just after lunch the sun came out and it was very much like a summers day. So much that we ended up at Burrator Reservoir near Norsworthy Bridge.

tree climbing
At Norsworthy Bridge during good weather you'll often find an ice cream van. On this glorious day in November we found the ice cream van and all had one whilst wandering around the moorland next to the river.

burrator reservoir

It was a lovely afternoon!

An Ice cream at Burrator Reservoir

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