Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A Walk at Grenofen

There's nothing we like better than getting out and about with the kids and the dog for a walk. Our black lab Stan, like many others black lab's, loves going for a walk and he especially loves the water.

Walk at Grenofen

Grenofen Walk

One of our favourite places to go for a walk is along the river at Grenofen, which is near to Tavistock.

There's a narrow track which leads from Grenofen along the A386 down to the river Walkham.

At the end of the track there's a fairly large parking area and from here you can walk either up stream or downstream for some distance and there are plenty of small beaches which are perfect for the kids to throw stones into the water and for Stan to get in to do a bit of swimming.

Walkham River at Grenofen

Our middle son can be seen above at one of the beaches just before he throws a stone in!

Walkham River at Grenofen

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