Sunday, 1 December 2013

Okehampton Show 2013

Okehampton Show 2013

Okehampton Show 2013
In August we took the family to the Okehampton show.

The show is held on the outskirts of Okehampton in West Devon, just off the A30. Okehampton is an old Market town and the show has been held on the show ground for some years.

There are a whole range of different animals at the show along with farm machinery and exhibitions and competitions.

As you can see it was a lovely day at the show and our kids had a wonderful time looking at all of the animals.

okehampton show
There were cows, sheep, horses and all sorts of smaller animals for the children to look at along with craft and food tents.

The kids found these orange looking sheep most amusing.

llama at okehampton show

The llama was also quite funny. The kids had never seen one before and were very impressed. He did look a little grumpy though!
Okehampton show sheep

There were lots of sheep!

Some very woolly like this one!

And some lovely smaller animals for the kids to look at including some beautiful rabbits like the one below.
Rabbit at Okehampton Show
If you get the chance to visit Okehampton show in Devon please take the opportunity. It's a great event and lots of fun for all the family.
Sheep at Okehampton Show

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